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In Season Apostolic Worldwide Ministry was birthed out in 2004.
Jesus called ISAW Ministries to the service of the Homeless, Drug Addict, Prostitutes and LGBT.

Jesus called Minister Woods to go under the bridges and the alleys to feed His people, use her house as a shelter for many of them and clothe them by using her personal belongings.

Minister Woods began to preach and move in healing with a 80 year old woman who was born deaf and under the power of GOD the lady was able to speak to the amazement of her granddaughter.

ISAW Ministries began moving in deliverance and miracles in the town of Cicero, IL to the Westside of Chicago according to Mark 16:15 where drug addicts and prostitutes were set free, leading gang members on the street corners to salvation and baptizing them with the fire of The Holy Ghost.

ISAW Ministries then began to go into the hospital, as the Lord used Minister Woods hands to heal His people in the severe head trauma unit at Christ hospital in Chicago.

Jesus then took ISAW Ministries into the church building where Minister Woods under the anointing of GOD preached the gospel to COGIC, Conservative Baptist,AME and various other denominations.

ISAW Ministries has grown under the power of GOD.

Jesus opened the door for ISAW Ministries to the air waves with "After The Service" radio broadcast which aired in Illinois, California, Missouri and Philadelphia.

ISAW Ministries has grown today to a worldwide ministry (Luke 14:23).
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