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If you have never known Christ as your personal Saviour it is easy to accept Him now right where you are.

If have known Christ and are backslidden Jesus awaits to welcome you home again according to Romans10:9-10.

Now I invite you to say the prayer below and mean it from your heart and you shall be saved.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I believe that you are true and only Son of GOD.
I believe you hung on the cross, was pierced in your side bled and died for my sins, I believe Jesus that you died went to hell took the keys to hell and let the captives free, you arose on the third day.
Jesus You ascended and went to heaven and sprinkled your blood on the altar of heaven as The High Priest of heaven.
Jesus I believe that you are seated at the right hand of THE FATHER where you intercede for me until the day of your soon return to claim your church.
Thank you, Jesus Christ for the sacrifice you made for me on the cross.
Jesus Christ, I ask you to come into my life and to my heart and to forgive me for all my sins, unrighteousness, transgressions, iniquities, trespasses, and debts.
Jesus Christ I repent today and invite you into my life to have rule over me Jesus starting now.
Jesus my Saviour, I ask that you would baptize me now with the Holy Spirit as evidence that I am now yours and you are mine.  
Lord Jesus I thank You for witting my name in your Book of Life.
I confess you Jesus Christ as my Lord, and Saviour.
In Your Mighty Name Jesus I pray, Amen.

If you prayed this prayer and meant it in your heart you are now a Christian and I would like to welcome to The Family of Christ.

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